The State of Software Testing Then and Now


In 2002 the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a now famous report, Software Errors Cost U.S. Economy $59.5 Billion Annually or 0.6% of the US GDP. Today the situation has not improved.


The report was very focused. Software bugs, especially those related to the lack of proper software testing, are very costly to the US economy.


The study found that more than a third of these costs, an estimated $22.2 billion (in 2002 dollars) could be eliminated by an improved testing infrastructure that enables earlier and more effective identification and removal of software defects.


Software testing needs to be a MUST DO activity of every software project and in the maintenance lifecycle of every software application.


Because so much of today’s testing is still done manually, there is, even in 2014, lots of room for efficiencies and improvements in the testing cycle.



Worst software bugs




It is our job, as testers, application developers or CIOs, to ensure that software is as bug-free as possible.


The Solution


Automating the testing process increases tester efficiency and throughput and is the most certain way to ensure higher quality code. The result is fewer errors and increased programmer productivity.


Eliminating the testing of irrelevant fields and emphasizing the testing of essential fields enables testers to focus on the most important and critical parts of an application.


Enabling multiple testers to work simultaneously in multiple environments also increases tester efficiency. This allows more tests to run at the same time and enables software to be tested more thoroughly.



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