Product Features

Mainframe Batch & Online Testing


MF-Test supports both batch and online mainframe application testing. Use MF-Test for business process testing that combined batch and online. 

Validate that all your application changes have been applied correctly without impacting other areas of the application that should remain untouched.

Intelligent Test Results Analysis


Mainframe testing result analysis covers screen outputs, reports, sequential files and database content. Intelligent analysis validates application changes.

Test Creation


Make test creation easy by generating test scripts from existing JCL. Use EXCEL based scripts to drive online testing.

Upgrade to COBOL v5 or COBOL v6

Reduce costs of upgrade to COBOL v5 / COBOL  v6 by automating application regression testing with MF-Test.

Multiple Environments


Create multiple mainframe test environments to support testers working in parallel. Each environment with it's own start data, test scenarios, databases.

Disaster Recovery Site


CreatPeriodically check that applications running on disaster recovery site perform with functionality identical to applications running on prime computer site.

System Software Upgrade

Ensure that system upgrades to Db2 CICS and similar do not impact functionality.

Integration with DevOPs environment 

MF-Test is integrated with 3rd party Application Life Cycle Management products supporting the customers environment such as HPE-ALM (see MoT case study)

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